Friday, December 27, 2013

Rainbow Nesting Bowls


I really love how these came out and they were relaxing and meditative to make.

I used Knit Picks 100% cotton Dishie Solids.  The free pattern is here.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crochet Baby Rattle

I really love how this came out. I used two little bells inside the big loop, which are very muffled, but at least something. I probably won’t make more, but only because it was so tedious.
Pattern is here - LOOP Baby Toy by Amy Herbst.
I used all organic yarn - the pink and blue are Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton; the white is Knit Picks organic cotton.

Monday, April 8, 2013

ipad Mini Case

I made an ipad mini case for my husband's birthday.  I used this tutorial from One Shabby Chick, but for the mini, I cut the pieces 7.5" x 10" (per thisblog).  I didn't quilt the cover, just cut all the pieces 7.5x10.  I tapered the lining pieces - the top was 7.5" wide, but the bottom tapered to 6.5" to reduce bulk from the batting.  The flap was cut to 3.5"x4" (I first tried 3x4, but it seemed too small so I redid it).  I added a pocket for the ear buds (pocket was made with two pieces of 7.5"X4" cotton with lightweight fusible interfacing between the two).  Choosing fabric for DH was so not fun.  I usually love choosing fabric for sewing projects, but here, my goal was to find something as plain as possible without being completely solid...
iPad case made by me for Jeremy's birthday

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pocket Dolls

For our afternoon craft today, we made these adorable pocket dolls.  The tutorial is here.  For the hat, Y followed the directions exactly and it worked fine.  For mine, with our 1" heads, I had to make three hats to get one to fit.  My final hat is with Purewool worsted wool yarn on #8 DPNs - I did:
Cast on 12 sts
Rounds 1-4: Knit
Round 5: K2tog, K4, K2tog, K4
Round 6 and remaining even rounds: Knit
Round 7: K2tog, K3, K2tog, K3
Round 9: K2tog, K2, K2tog, K2
Round 11: K2tog, K1, K2tog, K1
Round 13: K2tog, K2tog
Round 15: K2tog, cut yarn, pull through hole and bring to inside hat
Handmade pocket dolls - mine on the right; Yoav's on the left - tutorial here:
Pocket dolls - Y's on the left; Mine on the right